Nov 9 2023 - Posted by Yvonne

Call Out for a Freelance Admin Assistant

Come and join us.

We are recruiting a freelance admin assistant

This call out is to recruit a freelance admin assistant.

The deadline to apply is Sunday 9 December


We will be meeting short-listed applicants on Tuesday 12 December

When and where is it?

The work will be mainly conducted remotely and flexibly. You will also have the option of working onsite inside The Talking Shop.

The contract is for the equivalent of one day a week for a total of 8 days from January 8 to the end of February.


The Fee

The admin assistant will be contracted on a freelance contract for an all-inclusive fee of £1000 paid in two instalments.

You will be contracted as a self-employed person and will be responsible for declaring your earnings to HMRC and paying your own tax and national insurance.

Who can apply?

If you answer yes to all the questions below you can apply today.

  • Are you a freelancer born or based in Wales?
  • Do you have admin, bookkeeping, producing, production or project management experience?
  • Are you experienced and confident in using excel, mail chimp, google drive and quickbooks?


We welcome all applications and encourage applications from everyone.

How do I apply?

  1. Please copy and paste the application form below onto a document of your choice and send your completed application together with your CV to omidaze@outlook.commarked ADMIN ASSISTANT APPLICATION
  2. If you have any questions or need support in applying please email




1. Tell us a bit about yourself:


Where in Wales are you from or based?

Tell us about your freelance admin related experience.

Tell us about any particular skills, interests, experiences that we should know about that will make you a great admin assistant.

Tell us why you would like to work with us.

Feel free to send us some links to anything you’ve worked on, been involved with or participated in/seen/experienced which is connected to you wanting to join Omidaze as an assistant producer.


2. Your details:


Full Name:


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Welsh Language: No/Learner/First Language/Conversational/Other


I am/am not available (please delete appropriately) to meet online on Tuesday 12 December before 4pm. Please give times you are available


3. Access Needs

We encourage applications from those who identify as disabled/D/deaf.

If you identify as disabled/ D/deaf and have found that you have encountered barriers in your working relationships or ability to take on opportunities because of your disability you may wish to complete and submit an access rider when returning your signed letter of engagement to inform us of any access needs. A sample access rider template and further information can be found at

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your access requirements or if you need support accessing the internet.



4. Referee Details

This needs to be someone who has known you for at least two years and who you have worked for.

Referee Name:

Referee Phone Number:

Referee Email:

How do they know you?

How long have they known you?


5. Finally

Please tell us below if you give permission for us to save your contact details for our database and your application as part of our ongoing research.

I do/do not (please delete appropriately) give consent for my details to be kept on file and to be contacted in the future regarding this and other Yvonne Murphy/Omidaze projects.

I do/do not give permission (please delete appropriately) for Omidaze to keep my application on file and use for The Democracy Box research purposes

Send all the above email and/or WeTransfer to marked 


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