Creative Learning

Creative Learning and work with young people

Omidaze – Oh My Days! -A colloquial expression of amazement and disbelief originating in schools in Inner London at the turn of the Century.

Specialising in:

  • Developing Creative Learning and Outreach Strategies with Cultural Organisations
  • Designing and using Creative Classrooms
  • Creative Learning Approaches across the Curriculum using theatre, drama and storytelling.
  • The Five Creative Habits of Mind.
  • Open Rehearsals
  • Frameworks and Best Practice for Collaborating with young co-creators and co-curators
  • INSET/CPD/Professional Learning Design & Delivery for Primary and Secondary teachers
  • Workshop Design and Delivery for students of all ages from Reception to 6th Form
  • Training Practitioners

Areas of work include:

  • Introduction to using Drama
  • Pushing back the desks – Drama in the classroom
  • Page to Stage
  • Teacher Directors & Student Actors approaches to new writing and classic texts
  • Drama Toolkits
  • Introduction to Shakespeare to Advanced Shakespeare
  • Practical Approaches to Set Texts
  • Bespoke Drama, Story-telling, Creative Writing, Script-writing and Literacy Workshops,
  • Democracy workshops
  • Literacy & Numeracy Projects
  • Teacher Packs
  • Residencies & Schemes of work
  • Transition Days with Drama

Yvonne has worked in Creative Learning for three decades and embeds it into all of her creative practice.


Because access to knowledge is power. Because education is everything. Because the sharing of power is social justice. Because young curious minds are hungry to learn and have fun simultaneously.

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Yvonne is a qualified and experienced English & Drama teacher and has taught and worked in schools all over London, Wales and Europe and uses her skills and knowledge to thread creative learning into all of her artistic practice. Creative Agent and Creative Practitioner for the Arts Council of Wales Lead Creative Schools Scheme with a particular interest in Creative Classroom design and use.

“I am really keen to work with all stakeholders to share my approaches to creative learning and creative classrooms.”

Yvonne ran the first Omidaze Shakespeare Summer School in 2008 in Penarth, South Wales and went on to produce annual summer schools, adding a Young Actors Summer School in 2015. Omidaze  summer school partners have included Albert Primary School, Stanwell School, St Cyres School, Chapter, Cardiff and The Atrium, University of South Wales.

“I use a creative process formed over many years and from working with many other brilliant practitioners which allows young people to first build as an ensemble before they they then begin to hear and respond physically to text and then build towards speaking the text. Only at the very end of the process, when they have played and had fun with the text and have a sense of ownership of it, do the young people work with the written text. The process is built on creative play, response and exploration. It is a framework of games and activities in which there is room for the young people to go off at a tangent and their individual and collective ideas and responses to be explored”

As well as designing and delivering all of  Omidaze’s Creative Learning work, workshops, teacher training and annual summer schools Yvonne has worked for many of Britain’s leading Theatre Company’s and organisations specialising in work with young people and training including the Royal National Theatre, The Shakespeare Schools Festival, The MouseTrap Foundation, Bristol Old Vic, Plymouth Theatre Royal, The English Shakespeare Company and Welsh National Opera. Yvonne has also been a tutor for The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama’s Young Actors’ Studio since it began.

Helping young people become the people they have the potential to be.

Yvonne has  worked in schools throughout Wales and with councils (including RCT and the Vale of Glamorgan) and the Arts Council of Wales, Arts Active Trust/A2Connect, Theatr Iolo and Omidaze to design, produce and deliver workshops, projects, strategies and training which put creativity at the heart of learning and which raises expectations and outcomes for young people.

Omidaze has included young people in the professional theatre-making process with her Open Rehearsal Strategy designed and designed and delivered free workshops in schools, in some of the most deprived areas of North and South Wales including whistle stop interactive workshops on our democratic systems and structures in the UK

Improving attainment, confidence, self-esteem and positive outcomes through creativity.

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Drowning in paperwork?

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Tying yourself in knots trying to work out what to do?

Romeo & Juliet 6

With thirty years experience in Creative Learning Yvonne might be able to help.


Phone: 07949 626538

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Our Philosophy

We believe every young person should have access to the Arts and the opportunities, rewards and enrichment it brings. Drama is an invaluable tool in allowing young people to explore their creativity; emotions; communication skills; approach to teamwork; the world around them and their place within it. Our Drama work will build confidence; social skills; self-esteem and an awareness and appreciation of the Arts and we provide alternative, interactive and empowering access methods to all school curriculum areas.

Our Portfolio

Yvonne Murphy and Dick Johns have specialised in Educational Theatre for over 23 years working with Britain’s leading Educational Theatre providers – The Royal National Theatre, The RSC, The English Shakespeare Company, The Shakespeare Schools festival & Plymouth Theatre Royal and in Wales with the Vale of Glamorgan and RCT, Royal Welsh College, WNO & Chapter Arts Centre – designing, producing & delivering educational drama courses and workshops for students and teachers; working with Primary, Secondary, SEN, Looked after Children, Gifted & Talented and Further Education. We partner with organisations for one-off sessions and long-term projects. We provide bespoke workshops, literacy raising projects, teacher packs, transition days, World Book Day events, teacher training and CPD, pre and post show workshops, Open Rehearsals, Summer Schools and specialise in Shakespeare.