Our Productions

Our aim is to create, develop and produce innovative, experimental and commercially viable theatrical events which engage new audiences as well as traditional theatre audiences.

We want our work to:

  • challenge popularly held beliefs
  • stimulate discussion and debate
  • promote and explore topical issues
  • combine the work of practitioners from different artistic disciplines
  • explore the relationship and break down barriers between theatre and other art forms
  • take work beyond conventional theatrical settings
  • make work which is commercially viable and attracts a wide cross section of the local communities where it’s performed
  • appeal to a non-traditional theatre going audience
  • to empower, inform and challenge the status quo
  • promote equality and access to arts & culture

If you are a venue, programmer or producer and would like to speak to us about any of our productions please contact Yvonne directly y.murphy1@ntlworld.com.

All recruitment opportunities will be listed here, and advertised on our Facebook and twitter pages.

Production and Rehearsal Photography Kirsten McTernan @KMTPhotographer

Please click on the links below for info on our four productions to date:

Productions Image 1 Productions Image 2