Current Productions
We are currently in production for our next co-production with Wales Millennium Centre with our creative partners NoFitState Circus and Theatr Iolo. Supported by Arts Council Wales & Arts Active. 
The Romeo & Juliet 2017 tour kicks off at Theatr Clwyd April 5 2017. 


Mold Theatr Clwyd 5 - 8 April 10.15am / 2.15pm / 7.30pm

Llanelli The Ffwrnes 12 April 2pm / 7.30pm
Brecon Theatr Brycheiniog 23 April 2pm / 7.30pm
Cardiff Wales Millennium Centre 27 April - 14 May 11am / 2pm / 7pm

Our New Ensemble
Connor Allen
Aamira Challenger
Gemma Creasey
Hannah O'Leary
Kayed Mohammed Mason
Salim Sai

The Omidaze Creative & Production Team
Executive Producer, Director & Script Editor : Yvonne Murphy
Company Producer: Emma Evans
Set & Costume Design: Saz Moir                      
Lighting Design: Joe Fletcher
Sound Design: Tic Ashfield
Circus Choreographer & Movement Director: Paul Evans
Voice & Text Coach Jacqui Crago                                    
Production Manager: Matthew Davies
Company Stage Manager: Louise Rouse
Audience Engagement & Education Associate:Amy Morgan


Louise Miles-Crust

Martin Hunt

Jo Davies

Andrew Patterson

Sarah Gilbert

& all the staff of WMC including and not limited to Front of House, Technical, Marketing, Box Office, Education & Community and Cleaning & Maintenance staff.

Past Productions
All-Female Henry VI 
A co-production with Wales Millennium Centre
February 1st - 20th 2016

Watch scenes and documentary about the production on BBC ShakespeareLives here

A prequel to the ground-breaking Richard III,  examining how we choose to resolve our conflicts, react to upheaval and what messages we are sending to our children and future generations in how we respond to threat. 

Who holds the power now?

 “Director Yvonne Murphy hopes to bring new audiences to Shakespeare and there’s no doubt this brave, stunning production can do that. If only the novelty of climbing into the usually inaccessible roof space brings just one new fan in she will have succeeded.” Wales Online Richard III 2015





ENSEMBLE                                 Executive Producer, Director & Script Editor : Yvonne Murphy

Louise Collins                            Producers: Catherine Paskell (Audience Engagement) & Sian Thoma(Production)

Sioned Jones                              Set & Costume Design: Gabriella Slade                       

Polly Kilpatrick                           Lighting Design: El Higgins

Shala Nyx                                   Sound Design: Tic Ashfield

Hannah O'Leary                          Circus Choreographer & Movement Director: Paul Evans

Suzanne Packer                          Voice & Text Coach Jacqui Crago                                    

Alice White                                 Production Manager: Ange John

Lizzie Winkler                             Company Stage Manager: Louise Rouse

                                                  Assistant Stage Manager: Carys McLiver

                                                  Audience Engagement Associate & Workshop Facilitator: Beth House

                                                  Workshop Facilitator & Documentary Voice Over: Dick Johns


Louise Miles-Crust

Martin Hunt

Jo Davies

Andrew Patterson

Sarah Gilbert

& all the staff of WMC including and not limited to Front of House, Technical, Marketing, Box Office, Education & Community and Cleaning staff - THANK YOU

Read more about it here 


Richard III (2015) Roof Void, Wales Millennium Centre


All-female Richard III comes to the Centre's Roof Void
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The All-Female Shakespeare Project. Production Development 

Started in September 2013 and ran until the end of the year

Omidaze received large scale funding from the Arts Council of Wales to research and develop a production of Shakespeare which challenges preconceived ideas around roles in Shakespeare and about how and where Shakespeare should be staged and who it is for. We worked towards an all-female Shakespeare production using movement and non-traditional staging methods which would appeal to a family audience. We specifically aim to engage a non-traditional theatre/Shakespeare audience including those from areas of acknowledged deprivation. We simultaneously examined cross-gender and blind-gender casting options, their potential and their impact and site-specific options for the future production and marketing possibilities

Phase 1 of The all female Shakespeare production 

Omidaze Productions held a week of free Shakespeare workshops for female actors with experience of and/or an interest in performing Shakespeare and physical approaches to text held at The Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Phase 2 of The All Female Shakespeare Production 

From these workshops Director Yvonne Murphy has been in the process of building an all-female Ensemble company to develop the project working with practitioners from Volcano & Frantic Assembly and RSC recommended practitioners at Sherman Cymru and Chapter Arts Centre.

A sharing of work-in-progress took place on Friday 29th November at Chapter Arts Centre to a test bed audience and future promoters.


Things Beginning with M   Toured Autumn 2012. Funded by The Arts Council of Wales

Cast: Jessica Hayles, Lynn Hunter, Catriona James & MC Taylor Glenn

Producer/Director: Yvonne Murphy     Writer: Emily Steel    Movement Director: Sarah Hall

Visual Artists: Cath Rive & Katie Rigby

An experimental production, exploration and collaboration between new writing, movement, visual art and comedy. Things Beginning with M was a new piece of work from an original idea by Yvonne Murphy which looked at how women speak to each other and tell each other the stories which help us to map our way through womanhood. The production used real women's stories & testimonies. A pilot performance (funded by Arts Council of Wales) played to sell-out audiences in June 2010 at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and The Windsor Pub, Penarth

Following the success of the pilot an Autumn Tour of Things Beginning with M, funded by the Arts Council of Wales, sold out.                                                                          It toured London, Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Swansea and Narberth.


"High energy and hilarious from the off but equally willing to sit down and discuss life's daily trials with unswerving honesty if this play were a person it would be the perfect friend...Whether it's men, money, marriage or mothers this challenging production  tackles subjects which are the very stuff of life." Morning Star London Nov 2012

"Director Yvonne Murphy possess the bravery to deal with sensitive and taboo subjects in an appropriate manner: Things Beginning With M astounding it's audience at yet another sold out show" 
Buzz magazine Nov 2012

Latest News:
Omidaze's Director & Producer talks to BBC Wales News about the future for arts in Wales, Crowdfunding and 
Richard III

Omidaze is Project Funded by the Arts Council of Wales


Reviews  - Richard III

“This production is an absolute triumph.” (4.5 stars The Public Reviews) 

 “Shakespearean acting is generally a male dominated world, so it is refreshing to see an all-female cast tackle such a masculine play. Such is the strength of this cast, within moments one does not see gender, just the characters being portrayed.” 

"Omidaze have succeeded in creating something fresh and exciting out of the traditional. Do not miss this production.”

“the attention to detail and sense of purpose from the creative team is remarkable.”


“This is a bold and exciting production that will delight those who see it.” 

“As Richard sinks deeper into paranoia Phillips shows us that the flipside to his ambition is his desperation to be loved, until before the Battle of Bosworth we see him weeping and utterly alone, unable to even trust himself. Phillips’ strength as an actor is to show us this descent, and still leave the audience with some sneaking admiration for Richard’s slyness and wit”

Director, Yvonne Murphy hopes to bring new audiences to Shakespeare and there’s no doubt this brave, stunning production can do that. If only the novelty of climbing into the usually inaccessible roof space brings just one new fan in she will have succeeded.” (4 stars Wales Online)

"It was a very brave decision by Omidaze Artistic Director, Yvonne Murphy simply to stage a production of this mighty work of Shakespeare, with the limited resources available to any company that isn’t the Royal National Theatre or the Royal Shakespeare Company and even they don’t always get it right. Even more brave to present the play with an all female cast and then to stage the production in the previously unexplored void in the roof of the WMC. So triple plaudits to Murphy before the curtain goes up, not that there is a curtain in this mysterious and exciting environment." Theatre in Wales Theatre Reviews

Grabbing a cushion off an hook on the wall, we took our seats. When the play began it struck me that the clothing was also with inside out; every little detail added to the upset scene. The play was totally absorbing, the spontaneity of the cast who had to adapt to where we sat around them, the movement through the Void, following the drama around was compelling. There was no stage. It was dusty and raw …

The cast of 8 strong female performers made Shakespeare’s words leap off the page, their strong performances giving the language of arguably Shakespeare’s most famous history play new energy and meaning.  Young CriticsReview Richard III Omidaze ...

This All-Female Production of Richard III is produced in association with Wales Millennium Centre. Supported by The Arts Council of Wales and 172 individuals via Kickstarter. Opened 10th February 2015. 10th - 23rd Feb. Venue:Roof Void, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Twitter Audience Reviews & Feedback

"Hi I would just like to thank you for the powerful production you executed at the millennium centre Saturday afternoon. Having been dragged kicking and screaming into Shakespeare from my partner [well not quite). I must admit to being overwhelmed by the performance and exhausted by the pure emotion that was shown by the whole cast. I am now looking forward to more productions, in the same venue. Excellent and thank you , I have been converted." Alison Edwards (Audience Member)

"Dear All, Just to say congratulations on this afternoons production of Richard iii that was thoroughly enjoyed by my wife and I. An inspired venue in the attic of the Millennium Centre, and I kept imagining it as also being ideal for Macbeth? We also appreciated the intimacy of the venue with a small audience, all able see at close hand the actors expressions and body language, not always possible in a conventional theatre. I could easily envisage how in former times audiences in the yards of coaching hotels would have experienced the same feeling of "presence". Please pass forward our appreciation to the cast and production crew, we look forward to future productions. Yours sincerely Huw Geraint Edwards" (Audience Member)

"10/10 Different, accessible, absorbing, engaging, believable, gender isn't an issue" - Penny Newman (Audience Member)

"10/10 creative, dramatic, easy to follow with pockets of humour, I thought it was fabulous. It had the 'wow' factor" - (Audience member)

The Other Room @TORtheatre · Feb 27

Just discussing the brilliant @omidaze Richard III @theCentre and booking tickets for@NTWtweets #ntwAlfie tomorrow. Excited! DW KW BD DP


Hanna Jarman @hannajarman · Feb 26

Seriously excellent production of Richard III @omidaze @theCentre Da iawn@JessHayles @AnaMaskell @mairiphillips! SMASHED IT.

Carla Turner @misscarlaturner · Feb 24

Bold.Provoking.Beautiful.Congrats all female Rich III

Sam Barnes @SLGBarnes · Feb 23

#FEMALERichardIII at @theCentre was awesome! I found myself completely entranced throughout

Bubblewrap Records @BubblewrapWales · Feb 24

Wow to #FEMALERichardIII @theCentre just incredible, spine-tingling performances and awesome setting. To think I almost let it pass me by!

Incredible production in an incredible space, thank you @omidaze for #femalerichardIII. Lots to think about.

Martyn Grant @MartynGrant · Feb 23

'@omidaze an engaging and interesting final performance #FemaleRichardIII in a incredible space. Really pleased I got to see the performance

Kit Denison @intriplikit · Feb 23

So lucky to have experienced the final incredible performance of Richard III tonight@omidaze @theCentre

Stunning @omidaze production of #FEMALERichardIII in the roof void @theCentre. Congratulations to Director Yvonne Murphy & the cast & team.

Hefin Robinson @HefinRobinson · Feb 23

Really engaging and interesting #FemaleRichardIII by @omidaze. Strong performances in a crackin' space. More like this please!!

Becca Hobbs @Beccca04 · Feb 23

Richard III REVIEW ***** @omidaze @theCentre #Shakespeare #womeninbiz #dramadramadrama

Martha Kelsey @martha_kelsey · Feb 23

Weekend spoils @theCentre. Spellbinding interpretation of Richard III 'when men are ruled by women.' #FEMALERichardIII @omidaze

RT @swankytramp @theCentre incredible show guys! Just left feeling very emotional! All great but Richard blew me away! #FEMALERichardIII

sarah-louise tyler @sltyler · Feb 21

Loved @omidaze #FEMALERichardIII @theCentre. STELLAR ensemble, amazingly atmospheric space-feeling empowered and inspired-congrats all!!

Alison Cummins @Alison_Cummins_ · Feb 21

Richard III by @omidaze in the roof space @theCentre was stunning.

Mustasha † @DedicatedDivaa · Feb 20

amazing production of Richard 3rd, so different!

Viv Buckley @Vivbuckley · Feb 20

Very much enjoyed @omidaze #allfemaleRichardIII @theCentre today. Great space, great words! Thank you, ladies!

#FEMALERichardIII RT @DedicatedDivaa: amazing production of Richard 3rd, so different! @omidaze @theCentre

For one audience member in our Q&A - this was her first ever experience of theatre and of Shakespeare #FEMALERichardIII - she loved it!

RT @JRSturt @mairiphillips was fantastic as #FEMALERichardIII @theCentre tonight -controlling, manipulative yet frustratingly endearing.

Michelle Matthews @chelle_matthews · Feb 16

Intense, and uniquely staged, performance of #FEMALERichardIII this evening@theCentre and in the roof, of all places! Well done @omidaze !

 · Feb 16

What a unique experience. Brilliant, strong female performances. You had me gripped!@omidaze #RichardIII

Bethan Jones @BethJ_Design · Feb 16

#FEMALERichardIII An incredibly innovative production and fantastically raw and powerful central performances. Well worth watching

Grace Venning @venerablegrace · Feb 15

#FEMALERichardIII was phenomenal, it was so cleverly designed & unlike anything I've seen before - astonishing performances, I'm blown away

Melangell Dolma @MelangellDolma · Feb 15

I recomend anybody and everybody to see the brilliant and powerful#FEMALERichardIII @omidaze Congratulations to all involved. Inspiring!

Rhian Hutchings @rhchhutch · Feb 15

A huge congratulations to @omidaze for their wonderful #FemaleRichardIII I LOVED it!!! Don't miss it

Sara Lloyd-Gregory @saralloydgregz · Feb 12

A massive congratulations to the cast & crew of #FEMALERichardIII @omidazetonight. Go see @theCentre everyone! ❤️#Shakespeare

Lady Rhondda @LadyRhondda · Feb 12

Just watched a wonderful Richard III in attic @theCentre Entire cast superb Go see this all-women production while u can!

Cardiff Shakespeare @cardiffshakes · Feb 13

Exciting all-female Richard III in Cardiff this week by the wonderful @omidaze!

Oren Actors Mgmt @Oren_Actors · Feb 12

well done to @omidaze cast for a brilliant press night performance yesterday@theCentre. Impressive intensity & energy. #FEMALERichardIII

Katrina Walters @KatrinaLWalters · Feb 12

@theCentre amazing use of roof void space and brilliant production all round@omidaze #FEMALERichardIII.

Laura Drane @laurahd · Feb 11

#FEMALERichardIII is absolutely epic, such a massive undertaking. Da iawn@omidaze & all the cast/creative team. Proud to have backed you.

 · Feb 11

Intense, engaging and fantastically performed by a talented cast. Well done@omidaze#FEMALERichardIII

Ken Skates AM @KenSkatesAM · Feb 11

Incredible performance of Richard III at @theCentre tonight. @Omidaze have excelled themselves.

Omidaze Productions @omidaze · Feb 11

RT @Michael_Carklin: Superb production by @omidaze in roof void of @theCentreFantastic performances. Don't miss it. #FemaleRichardIII

Quench Culture @QuenchCulture · Feb 11

Incredible production of Richard III at the @theCentre by the amazing @omidaze look out for our review online soon

Alexandra Lodge @LodgeA · Feb 11

Absolutely loved #FEMALERichardIII performed in incredible 'roof void' space in@theCentre Such strong performances - a must see!

S O P H I E @SophieaHollands · Feb 10

Omidaze is Project Funded by the Arts Council of Wales